June 29, 2008

El precio de la indiferencia [The Price of Indifference]

The following video clip was put together by a member of the La Chiva Collective for a presentation at the Alberta Social Forum in March, 2008.

"El precio de la indiferencia" (The Price of Indifference) aims to show the human side of the armed conflict in Colombia, exacerbated by the militarization of territories through Plan Colombia I and II and the implementation of president Uribe's 'democratic security' policy, a name that constitutes nothing more than a sick joke in much of the country and for much of the population.

Many of the images featured in the video are the work of award-winning British photojournalist Jason P. Howe, someone who, through his extensive work in Colombia, has witnessed the attrocities of this senseless war for the benefit of a few.

The price of our indifference is paid by many every single day... a price that is paid not only in Colombia but wherever this model of self-legitimizing terror roams.

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