June 5, 2009

Uribe in Montreal Poster


Ricci said...

Viva Uribe!!! And FTA

I can not believe that any Canadian, who knows anything about Colombia, would be against this Free Trade Agreement. Since President Uribe has been in power, Colombia has only improved. It continues to see economic growth, attract foreign investment, strengthen democratic values and lower crime. It is amazing to see a country thrive, when only eight year ago, different guerrilla groups had control over parts of the territory. Today the Colombian government, democratically elected, controls the territory and continues to work for Colombians creating a strong welfare system improving social standards for the poor and strengthening the middle class. The Canadian - Colombian Free Trade agreement will allow the situation in Colombia to get better by supporting strong labour and environmental standards while encouraging economic activity in this country. The treaty will also have benefits for Canada's exports which could now have a comparative advantage over their competitors by eliminating tariffs and other trade barriers.

Maria del Pilar said...

As a Colombian, this poster and invitation to protest disgusts me! First of all Canada has NO IDEA of what is happening in Colombia. Human rights? what do Canadians know about human rights in Colombia. I would suggest for the sponsor groups to read a bit more, learn a bit more and hear true stories from Colombian citizens. We love our country, we LOVE our president and we certainly support him for all he has done and will do! the human rights violators are the FARC and those are the ones Uribe have been attacking! Shame on the sponsor Canadian Groups! This is really sad.. I never thought this would come from such an educated country as Canada.