June 2, 2009

Call for ceremonies to stop the Canada-Colombia FTA

Hello Friends,

The movement in opposition to the Canada-Colombia FTA has been growing across Canada, Colombia and the United States. The pressure to halt the legislation in Canadian parliament has served to divide opinions within the Liberal Party and, for the time being, remove this debate from the parliamentary agenda.

While we celebrate this success we do not do so in silence or complacency. We are initiating a call to groups across the continents to join us in a day of ceremony on June 10. We are calling on other elders, pipe carriers, healers, and spiritual leaders throughout the continent to hold ceremonies where ever you are on June 10th so that all our ancestral wisdom can be put together to call on the spirits to help and guide us from a world of owners without peoples, towards a world of peoples without owners. All people concerned with life and with dignity are invited to gather in ceremony, in solidarity to recognize the pride and courage of Indigenous peoples in Colombia. We will take this day to honour the efforts that have been undertaken across the world and to continue the movement against a free trade model that is killing Mother Earth.

On June 10, Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe will be greeted in Montreal and Ottawa. His intention is to ratify a free trade agreement with the government of Canada. The free trade model has meant death and impoverishment for Colombian people under a regime of terror for the benefit of transnational corporations. This model is one that promotes death and destruction. Join us as we say NO to this model and YES to life and dignity. Let this day be the beginning of a coming together to stop the Uribe Harper regimes as mistaken and blinded people who represent the greed that is bringing life to an end.

On June 10 at noon, we will be holding a sacred fire ceremony for this purpose at the Algoma University Arbour in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We encourage other peoples to carry out ceremonies throughout Canada, the United States and Colombia on this day so that the Condor and the Eagle can be joined together.

Chi miigwech,
Fair Trade Algoma,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

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