March 15, 2009


Written by Tejido de Comunicación y Relaciones Externas (ACIN)
March 14, 2009


Another of our compañeros from the Tejido de Comunicación [Communications Network] of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca (ACIN) is a victim of threats and attacks aimed at silencing us. Hugo Dagua is a founding member of the Tejido de Comunicación and one of the coordinators of Radio Pa´yumat, “The Voice of the Nasa People.” He is also an exceptional technician who has directed our radio programming and supported the process of the ACIN in every aspect.

Since the 12th of March, unidentified men on motorcycles have been following him and carrying out surveillance at his home. Hugo noticed their activity and has sought refuge while making the relevant denunciations.

We call for necessary solidarity with the Tejido. They insist on silencing us. This latest aggression against Hugo is preceded by threats of violence against Gustavo Ulcué and defamation against Manuel Rozental, both of whom are members of the same Tejido de Comunicación.

We demand protection and actions in defense of our lives, our integrity, and our work in defense of truth and life. At the same time we are thankful for the continued solidarity. Concrete actions are required in defense of the word that we walk.

Translated by La Chiva

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