November 24, 2008

Canada Signs FTA with Colombia

So it's happened. While the People's Minga unfolded in the Plaza Bolivar of Bogota, the scoundrels met behind closed doors and signed the free trade agreement the people had been demanding they not sign.

It is not over, for Harper will have to face what counts for a debate in the Canadian parliament. Let's hope the opposition parties will step up to the plate, like some of them have. Still, it's unlikely that the House will fall over the Colombia FTA, just weeks after an election.

We intend to have more coverage of this soon, as well as action directed at those few in parliament who still listen to the people.

Stay tuned. La Chiva.

1 comment:

Brent said...

I wonder how all of this will be affected by the turmoil created by the talk of the coalition government. Maybe Harper won't be so concerned to push through the agreement when his first thought are on his own survival. Any thoughts?