October 16, 2008

The Minga continues. We neither are nor do we condone terrorists

Written by Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca
16 October 2008

The Minga of the People is growing. President Uribe has lied in such an evidently crass manner that even the mainstream media in his service, those dedicated to being his echo, have exposed it. He has repeatedly stated that the police bear only shields and batons, while the indigenous are armed "thugs".

The shamelessness is incredible. The president ordered a military assault against a peaceful protest in which the police and the army have left two dead and many more wounded by government bullets. It was not us who notified the media but irrefutable evidence showing state forces attacking us with bursts of gunfire.

The Minga continues. Our mobilizations will continue until the agenda of the peoples is heard and until a concrete mechanism is put in place to carry it forward. We have an agenda. We are not only demanding the fulfilment of the government's responsibilities; our demands go much further, and they are not solely the demands of indigenous peoples.

We will carry out more actions in Cauca and all across Colombia. These are mass-based, direct actions of indigenous peoples. We will defend ourselves with no arms other than our staffs of authority. We call on all social movements and peoples to mobilize, but to do it without arms, peacefully and towards the fulfilment of the objectives of the agenda. Those who use arms act expressly against the orientation and position of the process and the Minga, serving the regime the excuse it needs to attack. Such acts only help the enemies of the popular struggle against the model of development imposed by transnational capital.

We will continue to share audio with information on today's events to the entire country and photos of the brutal attack at La María, Piendamó. We will also send out the synthesis of our political proposal and the CONIC's offer to carry out a Verification and Accompaniment Mission. We will also include some of the many expressions of solidarity that we have received and that we still need.

Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca
16 October 2008

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